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Join MYKEEPiN Alliance for a new business Paradigm through Blockchain based Decentralized IDentifier (DID) technology.
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MYKEEPiN is a Decentralized ID Partnership about Decentralized IDentifier,DID Technology that aims to Commercialization/BM Develop/information sharing.
MYKEEPiN Alliance is designed to help Corpotation/ Institution / Group realize business models that require DIDs.
we use the blockchain technology company, Coinplug's Metadium (METADIUM) public blockchain, a Decentralized ID (DID) commercial service built according to international standards.
DID Technology/Service Provide
Various MYKEEPiN Alliance Benefit
Various on/offlines Networking
About blockchain paid/free consulting
Make Open Ecosystem BM Develop
Partner-to-partner offline meetups
Participate in/support training for key DID conferences
Training/Technical Support
Introduction of MYKEEPiN
Introduce Coinplug solution support
Provide Alliance Enterprise CertificaitonParticipate in Alliance PR
MYKEEPiN use Benefit
Coinplug Key Solution Adoption Discount
Preference Blockchain Business Consulting
Support for blockchain / DID business introduction/deployment consulting
Possible business Partnership about MYKEEPiN Interlocking business
Easy understanding of
Coinplug DID service
Introduction of MYKEEPiN ecosystem
MYKEEPiN is a Decentralized IDentifier (DID)-based digital signature service of Coinplug,a global blockchain company.
When service provider requests verification, users can proceed with verification and grant permission to use personal information with MYKEEPiN.
MYKEEPiN is a Decentralized IDentifier (DID)-based digital signature service of Coinplug,a global blockchain company.
We have many examples of applications that may help our partners review and introduce Blockchain / Decentralized ID technology.
Application Case Consulting
Case 01
Fraudulent transactions information inquiry service
Fraudulent transactions inquiry service
(Blockchain Sharing Platform)
It is a service that easily and reliably checks fraudulent data by recording / managing fraudulent data verified by participating organizations in the ledger of the consortium blockchain.
MYKEEPiN service interlocking
Blacklist Sharing Platform
Easy Login
Find password
Case 02
MYKEEPiN's Decentralized ID
META Token Wallet
Blockchain / online public opinion, voting platform
MYKEEPiN + Service building
Blockchain based online poll service
Case 03

DID-based authentication, META wallet service configuration
MYKEEPiN + Service building
Keep your personal information
secure and simple
Case 04
MYKEEPiN + Service building
How to keep your digital asset secure
meta SAFE is an application that provides cryptocurrency guaranteed asset services operated by CoinPlug.
Comprehensive solution package
for reliable and secure deposit service
SE, secure Digital-wallet service using blockchain certificate.
Withdrawal management using multiple key signatures.
Provide additional convenience functions, such as token management / Airdrop etc.
Linkage real insurance product for assurance of assets.
Introduced MYKEEPiN authentication tool to enhance security of new crypto asset wallet service
2 Factor Authentication( Applied 2FA certification )
Custody/Vault Service
Case 05
Blockchain-based simple payment service of the Korea Postal Service Headquarters
Introducing Solution
DID certificate login
Point / Crypto asset wallet
On-Offline simple Payment
MYKEEPiN Alliance Organization aims to develop the best partnership
Opening and operating guidelines for key specifications such as MYKEEPiN vision, technology structure and infrastructure
Activating communication between Alliance partners for MYKEEPiN development
Joint marketing, various programs and events planning and operation and members' participation encouragement
160 Partners
Application Software
Virtual Asset
Blockchain Biz
Contents / Community
Advertisement / Marketing
LA(Legal Agency) Partners
MYKEEPiN Alliance Registration Process
MYKEEPiN Alliance welcomes any corpotation / institution / group having interests in DID (Decentralized IDentifier).
Start-up, Small and Medium Enterprises, Large Corporations, Financial Institutions, Universities, Research Institutions, Government Agencies
Contact : [email protected]
Review and Approve
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Organization [email protected]
Sujeong-gu, Dallaenae-ro, 46, B-710 Seongnam City, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
CEO JoonSun Uhr
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